50 Years Woodstock the Exhibition

Woodstock Vision – The Spirit of a Generation  is brought to you in cooperation with the official Woodstock Festival photographer Elliott Landy and founder of the 69’ Festival, Michael Lang. The exhibition will provide a one of a kind insight into the story of Woodstock and the spirit of this age.

The unique, multi digital exhibition will showcase memorabilia released by artists and representatives of the era which capture and enable preservation of the true vision of the Woodstock generation.

The exhibition will be composed of three different sections:

Music, art and society. The essence of these sections aim to display the exciting and complex overlap of different aspects intertwining throughout the 60’s. The revolution, the celebration of peace, love and music, the expansion of the conscience and the urge to break through societal norms and restrictions. Wall texts will feature personal first-hand accounts from the producers, roadies, hippies and other attendees recounting their exposure to spirituality, trials and tribulations and the sheer joy of being there.

Unique multimedia and high-tech setups will enable visitors to reminisce about the vibe of the Woodstock generation and allow visitors to immerse themselves in an audiovisual experience like never before.

We look forward to seeing you there!






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